A downloadable game

A local 2-Player game between two samurai in a friendly duel.

Red samurai - movement control WASD, Control key deflect Iron ball, Space key throw Iron Balls

Blue samurai - movement arrow control, 0 keypad deflect ball, Control key throw Iron Balls

Install instructions

Open the zip file and play the game! The file is trust-able, any questions ask away!


Samurai Sumo.zip 6 MB


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it's a gamemaker sourcecode, right? can you compile it, please? (32bit better) :P

Sorry but when we developed our game in GameMaker 2 engine trial, we didn't realized that it would not export our project in .exe or other compile form.

Right now we're trying to upload a new file but it can only be execute using gamemaker program install on a computer :P


The file is in .exe format now thanks to the kind angel in our team! so it should be able to run now, have fun to you and your friends!